Hi, I'm Brandon Taylor.

Your friendly neighborhood programmer.

const myInfo = () => ({
  title: 'Technology Solutions Engineer',
  company: 'LightChange Technologies',
  yearsExperience: 10,
  primaryExpertise: [
    'JavaScript / TypeScript',
    'React, Vue.js, Svelte, Qwik',
    'PHP, WordPress',
    'Node.js, Bun, Python, Go',
    'PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis',
    'Linux, Windows Server, VMware'

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  1. Technology Solutions Engineer Current

    LightChange Technologies

  2. Manager, Support Services

    Indiana University Southeast

    Brandon excelled in managing technology projects, providing device imaging and troubleshooting for staff, faculty, and students. He worked closely with his part time staff team to ensure quick ticket resolution, maintained infrastructure for current and future projects, and currated end-user experience through Group Policies.

  3. Senior Desktop Support Technician

    Indiana University Southeast

    As a senior support technician, Brandon was charged with numerous aspects of responsbility. Chiefly among them, he ensured proper software distribution via SCCM, accurate asset inventory tracking via Samanage, developed custom software to improve upon and complement current practices, such as a random inventory check list for audits, performed onsite device troubleshooting, and more.

  4. Network Analyst II

    Boice.net Enterprises / Data Strategy / Trace 3

    Brandon demonstrated a strong internal client focus while also nurturing customer relationships with the NOC. He efficiently managed internal Active Directory and Unified Communications profiles for employees, serving as the primary point of contact for internal issues and providing guidance to new hires on current business operations. Additionally, he vigilantly monitored client networks for problem conditions, ensuring a seamless operational environment. Moreover, Brandon excelled in delivering excellent customer support by adeptly troubleshooting issues and devising straightforward solutions for complex problems. Beyond this, Brandon was readily available for onsite deployments for equipment maintenance, as well as to gather materials for documentation purposes. His dedication to customer satisfaction and technical expertise were invaluable assets to the Boice.net, and later Data Strategy.

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